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With most conventional heating methods (radiation, re-radiation, conduction and convection), air must first be heated and then circulated to warm people and objects. That’s why conventional heating is controlled by thermostats that sense air temperature. As a result, it takes longer to heat people and objects because they’re warmed secondarily to the air around them.

Infrared Heating – The Most Efficient, Effective Method of Heating

Innovative infrared heating warms people, floors and other objects first, making it the most efficient, effective method of heating. It really shines when heating under diverse conditions, such as warehouses, storerooms and even the most immense structures imaginable. Warm people and objects, not the air that then rises to the ceiling.

Use Detroit Radiant Infrared Heating Systems in Hard to Heat Industrial Settings. Great For:

  • Agriculture
  • Hangars
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Spot Heating

HVAC Contractors, Architects and Professionals in the Mechanical Trade

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